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4 Highlights in Berlin, Germany

On January 1 2019, my husband and I made our way to Berlin.

I was desperate to kick off the new year with a trip abroad because I felt it would set a trend for the rest of the year. Germany made the most sense for our destination as it’d be a relatively cheap and short trip from London. Because I had spent so much of 2018 without my passport and making plans for 2019, I figured heading to Berlin would be perfect. A city full of culture and history, we could have a nice city break in the winter and enjoy the local fare.

Here are some of my highlights.

The Treats In Berlin



Germany is not known for their food. At least not to my knowledge. When I think of amazing world class cuisine, and maybe I’m bias, I don’t think of German food.  If I do think of German food, I think of sausages and boiled something or other. Not my idea of a great meal. BUT, I did very much enjoy my bratwurst sausage. I felt like I had to have a German sausage because I was in Berlin. To my surprise, it wasn’t too bad. It was essentially a giant semi bland sausage on a roll but it was ok. The pretzel I had was also ok. I think I’m slightly spoiled by soft, warm buttery pretzels in the American chain Auntie Anne but it wasn’t too bad.

My favorite bit however was the Gluhwein. If you find yourself in Germany, get a cup. It’s essentially mulled wine but sweeter. When I had my first sip, it tasted of cinnamon, citrus, warm wine and other beautifully sweet things. For people with a sweet tooth, beware of this inconspicuous treat. I easily could have drank 4 -5 cups of this but I would regret it in the morning as there is plenty of alcohol in this drink.

The Transportation




While in Berlin we ended up riding the tram, U-bahn and S-bahn. It’s super efficient and a relatively cheap way of getting around the city. The design is also a bit funky but seems perfectly right for the city of Berlin. It’s definitely experience you should do to get a taste of local life. The only thing you need to remember is to stamp your tickets before getting on the train because if you don’t and a train cop finds you, you could be paying a fine.

The Sights




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Berlin is known for the art. It’s also known for being very hipster. Think of everyone you know who wears Warby Parker glasses, converse, skinny jeans and old grandpa sweaters. I feel that’s the vibe you expect and what you really get when you visit the city. While I was in Berlin I went to the East Side Gallery, Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Each bit had a story to tell about the city of Berlin and each bit were beautiful to look at. I’m glad I got to see and highly recommend that you stop by these sights, if even for 5 minutes, for the experience.

The Palace Charlottenburg



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We paid money to enter the palace Charlottenburg but I’d say it’s worth the price tag as there is a lot to see. There are three sites at the Palace to visit including a mini museum house and a walk around the garden. It was pretty cold when we went so visiting the palace was a good choice. Plenty of shelter from the outside winds and lots of history to explore. You can’t touch anything but you pretty much walk through all of the rooms of the house with a free audio guide that gives you the lowdown on how the palace came to be. I enjoyed my time here and think it’s worth a little trip. Plus, just across from the palace is a chill cafe that has some tasty pastries and drinks.

So those are my Berlin highlights. There’s definitely more to Berlin that what I noted but think that anyone who is headed to the city for a quick trip would certainly feel they had a good time if they indulged in my top finds of the city.

Let me know if you’ve been to Berlin and what you found to be worth trying or visiting!

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