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Autumn in Covent Garden

Beautiful pink storefronts and Harry Potter awaits.

I’m still living the expat life and have a lot to fill you in on but I figured I’d take a detour with something light. Why? Well I want to tell you more about the process but I get a bit nervous about revealing these things ahead of it actually happening. So for now, let’s take a look at Covent Garden in London in Autumn!


On a slightly rainy day, I ventured off into the city to stop by the Google office and to wander around Covent Garden.

IMG_5886 (1)

I found myself at Neal’s Yard where I saw a blogger or influencer in the making taking photos and running back to her suitcase to adjust her outfit or change into a “new look.” That effort! I don’t think that could ever be me, lol. Any way, I ducked into Neal’s Yard to explore the windy corner and came upon a cool looking mural of Mary Poppins.


Beyond old Mary, I found a tiny courtyard that had little restaurants and colorful buildings that looked perfect for grabbing a little lunch or warm drink.



To me this is a cute, quiet little cranny in the seven dials. The main street is always crawling with tourists, especially on a nice day, so it’s good to get a bit of space and to be struck by beautiful colors.


Out on the main cobble stoned street, you’ll find shops like Diesel, Urban Outfitters, Noble Collection (Harry Potter memorabilia), and this cute blue storefront, Creoate. It can be exhausting work, shopping and minding all the people but I recommend popping into Pret or Itsu for a cheaper, healthy lunch option. I also recommend Lola’s Cupcakes as a indulgent snack. All of these restaurants are on this street!


And go further into the seven dials, you’ll find musicals, cute shops, unique restaurants and more! Now enjoy Covent Garden yourself – so much there! I only tapped the surface of one street in the area.

Have you ever been to the seven dials?

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