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4 Things To Do In Brixton

There's more to Brixton than Electric Avenue!

If you’ve seen my video on Brixton, you know this trendy neighborhood is a must visit in London. So now that you’re planning your trip down South, I’ve got some recommendations for you to truly take advantage of this area. You need to get on the tube, a bus or Uber now and see it ASAP!


Brixton Village

Have a craving for gourmet burgers? Sourdough pizza from Franco Manca? Or dying for baked goody? Brixton Village is the place to go for a multitude of cuisine that will satisfy any picky eater. The village is lined with small eateries that offer tasty dishes at a decent price. The best thing about the village though? It’s the lovely atmosphere! You’ll run into a lot of different people trying to sell you something but it never feels too pushy. It’s a pretty pleasant spot to indulge your inner foodie!


Brixton Market

In dire need of fresh fruit, seafood or haircare products? Brixton Market has everything you think you might need and at an affordable price. Nestled right between the tube station and a row of shops, Brixton is your place to discover items you never knew you could find in London. A neighborhood rich with Jamaican and African influence, it’s easy to notice with the abundance of Jamaican spice shops and traditional clothing be sold in the market. Browse and try not to spend all of your money at the stalls!


The Ritzy

If you turn left outside of Brixton tube station and walk for a bit, you’ll find a grand picture-house called The Ritzy. They show independent films and it’s also a great spot to grab drinks, brunch or dinner. The outside of the building is impressive and charming. The style screams old school, making it feel very hipster. Tickets are a tad pricey (but not as much as the Curzon) but it’s a nice place to catch a trendy film that might not make it to the mainstream cinemas.


Brockwell Park

Grab a bag full of candy at Brixton Village and walk down to Brockwell Park! It’s one of my favorite locations in Brixton as the park is one of a kind. The neighborhood is super trendy as I mentioned but tucked away is a large park that has multiple running paths, a basketball court, a pool, tennis courts, a pond, playgrounds and more. You can go for a stroll, workout, have a picnic lunch or whatever else you fancy. When the sun is out, it’s ideal for sunbathing or just taking a nice book outside to read. I love the park and it’s only a 10 minute or less walk from the tube stop!

So you can see that Brixton is oozing fun things. I didn’t even mention the other fun bits like Pop Brixton, Wine bars, a musuem and a concert venue. No matter what the weather is, you can have fun in this neighborhood! Would you go to Brixton? Let me know in the comments!

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