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Good Eats: Cuba NYC Lunch Review

I have the perfect place for you if you're craving Cuban in New York!

Summer is on the way out and Fall is in. This means big tops and jackets to conceal food babies that are destined to grow this season! One way I recommend feeding your food baby while in NYC is heading to this amazing Cuban spot in the west village called Cuba NYC. I recently had a wedding lunch at the location and went back there with my hubby for a second helping because it was freaking delicious!


On our second trip to Cuba NYC, it just so happened to be brunch and we discovered that they served bottomless drinks. We thought about indulging but my hubby had a flight to catch and we were really only there for the food and perhaps one drink. With that in mind, we ordered a drink each (a mojito and a white sangria) and moved onto the starter.


A seafood ceviche was calling us. When it arrived, it came in what appeared to be a bottomless goblet and was filled with shrimp, calamari and scallops in a tasty tangy sauce. It also had fresh plain plantain chips on the side for dipping! To tell you that this would turn any anti-ceviche person into a lover would be an understatement. The sauce had a tang to it but it was overpowering. The seafood was crisp and cool. Every bit of this dish tasted so fresh. I could barely stop myself from going ham after all, this was only our starter. The main dish would soon be on the way and from our prior experience, the plate is hefty!


Next came the main dish. We both opted for pork but it was prepared in two different ways. I had the shredded pork (pictured in the front) with yuca and black rice. Everything was succulent, hot and just bursting with spices (especially garlic). The yuca was lovely and complimented the pork so well. I definitely need to learn how to make this myself but I’m telling you, it was the absolute best!

My husband ordered pork cubes with roasted potatoes and black rice. He gave me a bite of his and I also think it was pretty fantastic. It was a different taste to the shredded pork as I believe my dish was more fatty. His was a bit leaner and had a sweeter sauce drizzled on the meat. It was a delicious taste and pretty hearty. I honestly don’t think you could have gone wrong with either dish but my shredded pork was the bomb!

As for ambiance, the place looks very unassuming from the outside but it’s worth popping in. It’s small but well kept and the servers are pretty nice and attentive. It also has some fun Cuban decor in the space and plays Spanish music in the background. It’s not too loud but you can definitely groove while eating. The price? It isn’t too bad considering west village eateries. I think we paid around $80 with tax and tip (two drinks, a starter, two entrees and a coffee). Considering the portions and the overall flavors, it’s definitely a nice little mini splurge.

Would you pay that much for it? Have you ever been? Let me know! I’m sure I’ll head back there for a third time. 🙂

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