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Inside NYC’s Color Factory

What Is It Really Like Swimming In Blue Balls?

While holding it down ever so patiently in NYC, I decided to go to the Color Factory in the neighborhood of Soho last weekend. A new pop up in the city, the Color Factory originated in California, offering up a colorful, interactive installation of rooms featuring unique designs and experiences. New York is very much a similarly fascinating experience that plays with all of your senses when it comes to color!


When you arrive at the Color Factory, you have to make sure you purchase your ticket in advance. The tickets are advertised at $38 a piece but with tax, it’s $43 and change. Additionally, you have to pick a time for your chance to see the factory, I went with some friends for an 8:30 slot on a Friday night. Show up on time and bring your ID as well! If you don’t, you won’t be let in and run the risk of wasting money that could have been used for a nice dinner out.


So you get inside the factory and are greeted by workers in colorful jumpsuits who let you know that there’s a free bag check as well as some mochi ice cream to chow down on while you wait for your group to go inside the factory. Once they’re ready, you’re allowed into a room where you watch a 45 second video on the do’s and dont’s and are led into a room where you create your color card and are treated to a colorful macaroon on a conveyor belt.

There, you run into your first of many free photo booths spread out in the space. You swipe your color card and are allowed to take as many photos as you like – just remember there are other people around who probably want to use the booths too so be mindful. Next, you enter a corridor filled with buttons that match the various color swatches on the walls (there are 24 colors in total I believe).


I don’t want to give away too many details because then it would ruin the surprise of it all, but each room is such a creative treat! You can only go forward, not back, but in every room you are genuinely surprised by the level of detail and art that goes into it. The colors are stunning. I went into one room that had quotes all over the floor and another with glitter and lights that totally gave me Saturday Night Fever disco vibes.


One of the biggest highlights, which you’ve probably seen on Instagram, is the adult ball pit in the baby blue room. It is the last room but it is probably the most fun. You’re treated to a scoop of blue gelato (not the best gelato in my opinion), a free take home gift and a massive ball pit that has two photo booths hanging above the pit. Once in the pit, you can “swim,” bury yourself or even do a backwards flop! It’s a lot of fun and no one really rushes you out of the pit.


If you’re in NYC and love pop ups and color, you should definitely stop by the Color Factory. Is it a bit pricey? Yes. But you did get plenty of extras built into your ticket (sweet treats and little gifts) and it’s a one of kind experience that temporarily transports you from the real world into a colorful imaginative space that gives you room to relax and release your inner child.

Would you go to Color Factory? Have you been? Let me know!

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