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Summer Eats: The Mac Factory in London

Did this macaroni and cheese come close to what I had in mind? Is it just like NYC?

You don’t necessarily think of macaroni and cheese when you think of summer eats. At least I don’t. Summer foods to me are like fruit salads, bbq, fish, chicken salads and quinoa. Basically, light and easy foods that leave you feeling solid and heavy in the humidity. However, I’m a macaroni and cheese girl so when I heard about The Mac Factory in London, I had to try.

The Mac Factory is a NY inspired macaroni and cheese joint that serves up traditional mac and cheese as well as fun twists on what one would come to expect in their bowl (think Italian and Mexican flavors). There are two locations, one is near Euston station in London and the other, you can find a stall in Camden Market. I went to the Camden Market location.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.57.39 AM

The stall is quite small but when you arrive you can see the macaroni and cheese mixture being churned and made ever more cheesy. You also will find tempting flavors displayed on menu board that might sway you from getting what you originally planned on trying. But not to worry, you can only really order mac and cheese so you will leave with that, it just might be a different flavor. You can order what they call garlic dough balls (but any NYer knows those are just garlic knots) as part of their meal deal (£10 for any mac + dough balls) but I wasn’t there for dough.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.57.58 AM

Staring at the menu for what seemed like 10 minutes, I was originally aiming for La Med Babe (basil, pesto, mozzarella and sun-dried tomatoes on mac + cheese) but changed my mind at the last second. I ordered a Super Mario (sautéed mushrooms, garlic and truffle oil). I figured it would be a nice choice and was then presented with a full size cup of mac and cheese (£7 for the Mario).

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.58.24 AM

Walking around Camden Market, I looked for a place to settle down and enjoy my mac and cheese. All of The Mac Factory’s mac and cheese are topped with bread crumbs so mine was no different. The first bite was crunchy with the taste of mushroom and something else. I loved the texture but I must admit that I wan’t blown away by the flavor. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and I definitely found it palatable but it wasn’t worth much. It wasn’t super cheesy and it just didn’t have me licking the spoon or scraping the bottom of my cup to get the last remnants.

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 9.58.12 AM

My problem with it truly was that I feel like I can make better mac and cheese. I like my mac and cheese with a nice cheesy sauce, not overdosed so I’m on the toilet but tasty enough to really get that cheddar flavor. Maybe that makes me sound like a foodie but I’m not one, not really.haha So yeah, I found the mac + cheese to be nice but nothing to write home about. Actually, I feel like you’d have better luck making your own mac + cheese and I definitely wouldn’t go there is you are a macaroni lover. If you’re a basic mac+ cheese b***h, it will do but I’m not basic enough for it.haha

It sounds like I’m trashing it but I’m not. It’s cool if you don’t get macaroni and cheese often and definitely has a decent taste but it isn’t the best thing I’ve ever had. Should you go? Sure, but don’t expect to be blown away.

Have you been to The Mac Factory? Are you a mac and cheese head? What did you think of it? Would you go?



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