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Summer Eats: Get All Your Favorite Flavors At Boxpark Croydon

Feeling hungry? This post is for you!

Everyone wants a summer body but let’s be real, summer cookouts and open air eating is what we live for, especially affordable eats. Just outside central London, you’ll find Boxpark Croydon which ticks all of these requirements and some. There’s a variety of cuisines and meal deals that will guarantee that the pickiest eater will find something to enjoy without paying too much. Pizza, burgers, pho, falafel, it’s all there. For a preview of everything you can expect to eat/find, keep reading!


Right off of the East Croydon train station is the Boxpark. A large structure with outdoor feel, sit down at one of the many benches and soak in the sun. The place has large windows across the ceiling that lets in a lot of natural light but it’s still sheltered in case you run into a rainy or windy day. Walk down the steps and be greeted by what seems like endless food stalls.


One of my favorite places to go (I have meals there too many times) is Thai Express. I’ve been feeling a true Thai food vibe, so seeing this spot at Boxpark brings me joy as it offers up some really good Thai with huge portions!


A few steps away is Arancina Pizzeria where you can find a pizza slice (or, as close to a NY slice of pizza in London anyways). Thin crust pizza with a tasty sauce and delicious flavors, grab a slice and a drink for lunch. They do sell arancina but my tastebuds don’t think they’re worth the cash. I know I was spoiled by real ones in Sicily but these, they are a total and utter letdown.


Across the way you’ll find indian cuisine, Lebanese food, Jamaican dishes and a place called Chicago Ribshack. If you have a craving for BBQ, come here for some baby back ribs or even pick up a milkshake. Again, endless options!


On the second level, you’ll find bigger restaurants or food stalls with their own private seating (as opposed to Boxparks’ communal layout). The first restaurant I frequent is Chilango. It’s probably the only decent Mexican place in London that I’ve come across. Get their burrito combo with a free lemonade (and it’s actual American lemonade, not Sprite). I truly enjoy the food here so it’s a definite must.


Similar to Chicago Ribshack but a bit bigger in scale is Meat Liquor on the second floor. Again, it has it’s own seating but the food is very much what you’d picture yourself eating at an American summer BBQ. Grab burgers, shakes and other grilled meats.


But wait, there’s more. On the outside of Boxpark, that are more stalls. Asian themed places (bubble tea anyone?), Greek places, vegan kitchens and even a fry hut (loaded fries loaded in multiple ways)! One place that is super trendy and is almost guaranteed to have a line at it’s Soho location is The Breakfast Club. Choose from a traditional english breakfast, an american breakfast or some other spin. Though I don’t think the english truly know how to cook an american breakfast so I’d just order another option, haha.

Down below there are a few more options including a bar and a small area in the back where you can dance and drink. I like to call it a mini club. So yes to Boxpark Croydon! It’s everything you could imagine and more when it comes to summer eats. Stop by and give it a try! Are you curious to visit or have you already been? Let me know below!

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