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4 Things To Do In Notting Hill

There's more to this neighborhood than Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.

Where’s Hugh Grant and why did the book shop seem so charming? I’m talking about Notting Hill, a colorful neighborhood in London. If you find yourself in the area and you’re at a lost what to do then check out my quick list of places to hit up to ensure you have a good time!


Check Out The Colorful Homes

One easy way to enjoy a day out is to wander around Notting Hill Gate and other streets, admiring the colorful homes and doors along the way. You can literally turn any residential corner and find homes in purple, baby blue, green or pink shades. No color is too bold or daring and every home seems to take the color spectrum as a challenge to use the most daring combinations to shock and delight. Take photos of that purple home with the pink door, it’s expected. Just make sure you aren’t photographing anyone coming out of their homes, that isn’t really Instagram etiquette.


Head To Portobello Market

You’ve heard of Portobello Road haven’t you? If you haven’t, it’s a must visit for any shopper or for anyone looking for old english charm and antiques. One of the bigger shops here worth stumbling into is Portobello Market. The shop has beautiful black and white photos, leather goods, jewelry and just an overall calming vibe. There’s lot to look at and stop yourself from buying!

IMG_2953 (1)

Antiquing on Portobello Road

As mentioned, Portobello road is the place in Notting Hill. Along stretch of road, you’ll find lots of independent vendors and storefronts selling things you never knew you wanted or needed. Find custom crafted doll house furniture made out of fabric (it’s so realistic!), try on handmade jewelry or look for that antique table or chair you’ve been longing for. You’re likely to find a secret treasure to make your home look amazing!


Lunch At Arancina Pizza

If you want a good lunch deal but don’t want the 3 pound meal deal at the market, Arancina is a good bet. You can get a drink and pizza for 7 pounds and the pizza is really good. As slices aren’t a thing that you can find in London (I feel like it’s a NYC thing), you can get their version of a slice and dine in a trendy, cozy space. There are plenty of other affordable options in the area though including food stalls but if you’re in the mood for pizza, stop here!

This is just a taste of Notting Hill but I think these ideas are a great place to start. Additionally, if you aren’t heavy walker (I do but this trip to Notting Hill was condescend), these recommendations are very close by and don’t require you to expend to much effort. You can see the sights but not exert yourself. What would you do on my lit? Share with me in the comments

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