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6 Places To Feel Royal In London

Meghan Markle is getting married this weekend. What's a black girl in London to do?

Naturally, royal wedding fever is alive and spreading as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s big day draws closer. Ahead of the pandemonium that is sure to descend upon Windsor Castle and undoubtedly London, I’m pulling together some of my favorite places in the area of London to feel royal and celebrate like you’re becoming a member of nobility.


Regent’s Park

Have a picnic in Regent’s park, but more specifically, the Queens Park. It has the most variety of roses ever in one space as well as beautiful waterfalls and bridges. Everything is so well manicured so you’ll feel as if you’re hanging out in the back gardens of a royal palace. The atmosphere is even better on a hot sunny day.


Peggy Porschen Cakes

This place is small but the taste of the treats inside are huge! It’s a pastel pink colored shop with lots of flowers and gorgeous cakes that taste like something a royal baker could dream up. Caramel buttercream cakes, rose champagne cupcakes, cookies and more. Indulge like you’re at Meghan and Harry’s wedding reception!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 1.04.00 PM

Kingly Court

Feast like a princess in Kingly court. Aside from the royal title of the location, this area in Soho has a variety of restaurants to try. Go for Caribbean, Indian, Italian or American. The choice is yours and maybe you’ll stumble across what Harry and Meghan will serve to their guests.


Antiquing on Portobello Road

The royal palace is likely to be full of antiques so why not find your own to furnish your home or bedroom in a charming royal way. Find handcrafted wooden furniture, bronze and silver pots, glass chinaware and more. If you don’t have the budget to bring home your own antique, shop for antique doll furniture that costs less than 10 pounds. The toy furniture is so realistic and cute!


The Ivy Cafe

Stop in for some afternoon tea at the Ivy Cafe in Wimbledon village. The atmosphere is calming and delicate, something I imagine might resemble a royal bridal shower. Eat little sandwiches and sample some classic english tea.


St. James Park

This place is likely to be crowded this weekend as Buckingham Palace is very close by but take a stroll and admire the beautiful flowers and colors around you. You can walk along the bridge and see all the romantic couples kissing. I’m sure the kiss between Harry and Meghan will be more remarkable but it’s better than nothing!


Will you be taking a look at the Royal Wedding or will you try out one of these spots to play pretend? Let me know!

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