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7 Things To Do In Wimbledon

Don't get stuck on Oxford Street. See what Wimbledon has to offer in my new post!

Ever wonder what you could do in the colorful village of Wimbledon aside from watching Serena Williams dominate? Well, I made my way down to this area in South London to scout out some fun things to do as well as provide you with some unknown gems worth checking out. Take a look at some of the items I suggest you do to heighten your trip to London and be sure to see my video on the neighborhood.


Visit Sacred Heart Church

Just a bit outside of Wimbledon proper, you’ll find Sacred Heart Church. A gorgeous Roman Catholic church, the large facade boasts beautiful arches, intricately design windows and a lovely gray color that makes the building so much more grand. It’s about a 10 minute walk or so from Wimbledon station and definitely worth a look. If you choose to go inside the church, you will be blown away even further by the archways and overall vibe.


Walk To New Wimbledon Theatre

If you happen to be traveling to Wimbledon on a rainy day, a good way to enjoy your time in the neighborhood would be to see a show. An Edwardian theatre built by entrepreneur and theatre lover, J.B Mulholland, you can see a variety of musicals like Cinderella, Aladdin, Beautiful – The Carole King Story and more. The shows update depending on the time of year but you’re likely to find something you will enjoy!


Say Hello To The Two Fat Ladies

A bronze statue that sits outside of the centre court shopping centre, these women have been a fixture in Wimbledon since 1992. This to me is a fun and creative eye catching element to Wimbledon. I wouldn’t say the neighborhood is known for this but it’s for sure worth visiting and taking a photo of or with them.


Another bonus point, it’s right outside of a shopping centre so you can do a little light shopping, buy a 3 pound meal deal at Tesco or just seek shelter (in case it’s raining).



Lunch At The Dog & Fox + Pastries

For the foodie in us all, walk about 15 minutes up a hill to Wimbledon village where you can grab lunch at the Instagram worthy and famous pub called the Dog & Fox. The price isn’t totally crazy but you’re sure to get something tasty. When you’re done, you can head across the street for a quick pastry at the flowered storefront of The Ivy Cafe. You can say you truly experienced Wimbledon if you’ve been to these places. Again, it’s another great shelter experience in case it rains.


Pop By A Buddhist Temple

Walk further into the neighborhood and you’ll find a buddhist temple. It’s somewhat hidden among the millionaire mansions but when you come across it, it definitely stands out. There’s lot of gold and red trimmings and the overall layout of the space is beautiful.


Learn About The History of Tennis

A trip to Wimbledon is not complete until you go to the Tennis museum. This complex houses a variety of courts where the big games are played. You can visit centre court, learn about how they prep before big matches and discover why tennis became such a popular sport. The museum is a bit pricey but it’s worth the fee. I recommend stopping in on the VR experience in the museum where you see a lifelike Serena Williams.


Fish & Chips at The Vintage Fish

It is takeaway fish and chips so don’t plan on eating in the restaurant but it makes a great take home dinner. It’s relatively cheap and tastes very nice. The serving is really big so if you don’t want to stuff yourself, the regular size portion is plenty. Make sure you have them put vinegar on it for the full experience!


These are my top choices of things to do in Wimbledon. Are you excited to stop by this neighborhood in London?

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