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Things To Do In Ronda, Spain

Is it more than just a picturesque white town on a hill? I'm giving you my thoughts on what you should do when in Ronda.

Have you heard of Ronda? It’s a picturesque white town on top of an extremely high hill in the Andalucia region of Spain. Worth making a trip to, this beautiful city has more to offer than being a tourist trap. I’ve highlighted a few things worth doing (or a list of things to do) when traveling to this part of Spain. Let me know if any of the activities sound like something you’d be interested in!


Bull Fighting

Ronda is known for bull fighting. In the city, you’ll find a bull fighting arena which you can purchase tickets to tour. You can picture what a bull fight might look like, walking along and imagining fights that were once had there. I’m not saying bull fighting is the best thing there ever was, especially for people against animal cruelty, but it’s part of the culture. If you want to go the free route to experience bull fighting culture, you can just touch on some of it by taking photos of the statues outside of the arena.


Churros and Chocolate

You don’t have to get churros in Ronda and it may not actually be the best place for them but we did stop into this chocolatier shop where we had churros and chocolate. The churros were kind of a miss but the chocolate, it was beyond yummy. So thick, so creamy and so rich. Be careful not to give yourself a stomach ache by thinking you can handle both this cup of chocolate and another pastry in the shop. It’s also a great way to relax and take shelter from the wind as Ronda can be quite chilly since it’s so high up! Where did I go? I went to La Chocolaterie.


Walk Through The City

One thing I highly recommend is what this site is called, wander! There’s nothing better than wandering the streets of a cute village. Your eyes are gazing upon new things so you are already so much more open. I’m not saying don’t research the town you’re going to but I think it’s great to just roam the streets, looking at the various colors and people running around. It’s actually quite relaxing and a great way to get to know a place. I walked up and down hills, through side streets and down main roads finding great areas to photograph and Instagram!



Puente Nuevo

With gorgeous views, puente nuevo is a bridge that carries the Guadalevín River and divides the city of Ronda. It’s one of the largest of three bridges that span the 120-meter (390 ft) deep chasm. The bridge is free to walk along at the top but there is a fee to enter and explore this very grand bridge. I opted for the free route, walking along the top and taking in the breeze, vista views and birds flying around the area. It was beautiful, being at the edge of Ronda and listening to guitar players serenade us tourists with beautiful spanish and top 40 pop songs. You can pay though I found the top to be amazing in itself and you can’t beat free.



Ronda Municipal Museum

The historic museum details the history of the city. Everything from the importance of iron, caves, nomads, artillery and more can be found in the museum. Boasting a bit of moorish architecture, you can spend a few hours here reading about how Ronda came to be and why the city was an ideal place to settle. It does cost to enter but the fee is minimal and also allows you to get some additional views of the hillside of this gorgeous white town.

So those are just a few of my recommendations when looking for things to do in Ronda Spain. What would you do with a few hours in Ronda? Would you travel to this pretty city?

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