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Things To Do In Cadiz, Spain

This Spanish port city is more than just an Instagrammers' delight. Learn why you should travel to this beautiful destination and cool things to do while you're there.

You’re in Cadiz and you want to know what should you do in the famous Spanish port city on the southern coast of Spain. Well you’re in luck because I just went there and have collated a variety of things to do that range from free, inexpensive and worth the splurge (treat yourself on holiday). Take a look at a few things that I’ve listed as a must do when traveling to Cadiz.


Eating In One Of The Plazas

Food on vacation that is flavored just right is something I always look forward to. As I said, I’m not a foodie but I can appreciate the lovely cuisines of various regions. We ate at one of the sunny plazas that had a beautiful fountain nearby and loads of tapas bars and restaurants to choose from. Taking an afternoon drink of tinto de verano (aka sangria), we had a nice lunch of paella and fried anchovies. Taking advantage of the fabulous weather and sitting outside for lunch or dinner is a must. Just make sure you get there before 3 PM for lunch or come at 8 PM for dinner (restaurants will close during these hours).


Walk Along The Beach

Another great way to spend your time traveling in Cadiz as a female traveler, romantic traveler or traveler with friends is to go to the beach. Walking along the coast, you can feel an amazing breeze come in and watch the waves lap up with a crazy force. The beach is beautiful and the water looks amazingly blue. Stopping by the castle at the end of the boardwalk is all worth doing. Just make sure the castle is open as it was closed for construction when I was there.


Head To The Teatro

For some more Spanish culture and art, head to the teatro. Tucked away in one of the many plazas in Cadiz, this pastel pink building is gorgeous. Take in a show to see a concert, performance or just walked through the building to see what it looks like inside. Super cheap and a cool experience.


Stroll Around The City

Another free way to enjoy Cadiz is to stroll around. The entire town is about 5 – 6 km around (I need to double check that but it’s small) so you can easily walk the whole perimeter within an hour but dipping into side streets, shops and old buildings, you can get distracted by the beautiful colors of the city. Snap photos perfect for Instagram and get lost for a few hours. The beauty is you will never really be lost because it’s so small and you will find where you started your walk in a matter of a few minutes.


A Flamenco Show At La Cava

One last thing to do is taking in a flamenco show. We paid 22 euros for a ticket to watch a 2 hour flamenco show, which included a free drink. Although it sounds pricey, it apparently isn’t for a flamenco show. The show at La Cava was amazing. It never dragged on the tapas (although limited) were pretty tasty and cheap. Tapas ranged from 3 -5 euros which was nice and low priced. Same goes for drinks, low priced. At the end of the show I saw on my trip, my pulse was racing and I was stomping my feet, pretending I was a flamenco dancer (that lunacy was on my Instagram stories). I guarantee that if you go to this show you won’t be disappointed. If you’re looking for the finest cuisine, this isn’t the place but a great show, nice drinks and decent food, you will find.

So those are my things to do in Cadiz. Let me know what you want to do from my list or if there are other things I should have tried. Of course there are monuments and parks (a tower in the city center, tasty gelato, gardens, alamedas, etc) to see, but these are the highlights that I found to be the most fun while in Cadiz.



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