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Things To Do In Granada, Spain

You've seen my visit to the Alhambra but learn what other things there are to do in this city when you travel to Granada.

You’re in Granada, now what? Where do you go and what do you do? Should you take in a Flamenco show? Visit the Alhambra? Do a bit of shopping? If you have no idea where to start, this post should help you get an idea of what’s worth doing in order to maximize your day trip or travels to this Moorish city.


Walk Around The City

The first thing you should do is walk around this impressive city. Not that you have much choice, haha. Due to it’s size, you aren’t allow to drive into the main city center unless you are staying in a hotel there and they have informed the city that you will be driving around. If that’s not the case, park up near the Alhambra parking lot and walk down the long stretch into the city with light sandy colors and moroccan influences all around you. Take photos of the beautiful buildings and alley ways, admiring the charm of this space. If you don’t have the walking ability in you, there is a bus that runs all over (sort of like a hop on hop off tour) where you can see what the city has to offer that way.


Eat In The Moroccan Quarter

You can find lots of tapas bars and restaurants in the main square, but up an alley way you’ll find an area in front of a church where they have a cute menu of moroccan and Spanish treats. We ate at a restaurant where we had a menu of the day (three courses for 12 euros). They brought out olives and bread with olive oil and we dined on paella, potatoes, pork and meatballs in sauce. Although the cuisine was Spanish, the vibe of the place was very Moroccan (down to the mint tea and table decor).  Make sure you grab a meal in this city, not disappointing and even better if you want something extra (that mint tea was SOO good).


Visit The Alhambra

Am I being obvious? Who cares! If you are in Granada, you should definitely see it. Tips for enjoying this excursion can be found in my previous blog post but I’m telling you, you’ll regret not taking the chances to walk through the palace Nazaries. Either at night (check online for night time walks) or during the day, the palace really impresses. Stroll through halls that have spectacular fountains or stand on a balcony looking down at the city twinkling before you.


Get Gelato Not Helado

The photo doesn’t correlate but I have to stress that gelato isn’t helado. Ice cream is tasty but I think grabbing a cone of gelato and sitting on the steps outside an old building people watching is pretty fantastic (and cheap) way to enjoy your time in the city.


Browse The Shops

No need to pull the trigger on purchasing items but a nice way to perhaps kill some time that is free is to browse the shops. There are lots of vendors selling sweets, moroccan style lamps and beautiful fabrics and textiles to commemorate your trip. If it’s really hot out, it’s also a great way to cool off.


So if you find yourself planning a trip to Granada or traveling to the city for a day, this is  a great way to enjoy yourself. I don’t recommend seeing Flamenco here as I’ve been told it’s rather pricey and not very good here as they know they can snag a load of tourists to see overworked dancers. If you are going to be in other areas of Andalucia (like Cadiz), I recommend looking into shows there. Let me know if you want more tips or my perspective on the trip, I’d be happy to chat online to give more details!


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