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Pro Tips For Visiting The Alhambra in Granada

Taking a trip to Granada but not sure what to do? Here are some tips!


Are you going to Granada and not sure if you should visit the Alhambra? I’m telling you that it is very much worthwhile. Traveling to the Andalusia region of Spain and missing out on this is a disappointment. But what do you need to do to ensure a great visit? Here are some tips.


Book your tickets in advance. As early as possible. You’d being doing yourself a disservice if you try to roll up there on the day of in hunt of tickets because they sell out fast. By heading to this website, book a ticket to see this palace and accompanying gardens by selecting your time slot and day. Don’t forget to print out your reservation once you book and pack it up with your travel documents.

Second pro tip. If all the day visits are full and you are visiting during the summer, a night visit to the palace is just as dazzling. Although you don’t get to see all three major points of the Alhambra, the hour and a half you get in the palace is plenty and just as beautiful.


Third pro tip. They tell you to arrive on time for scheduled viewing which is important but I personally think being at the back of the line is the most advantageous. Why? Well the line is huge so even if your time slot is for 10 PM the line starts to enter the palace at 10 meaning, if you are at the back, you get in at 10:15 and that makes no difference. In fact, I think it’s better because most people will have wandered through and you can get empty photos without a crowd messing up your shot. This is ideal for all you people in love with Instagram.



Fourth pro tip, although the Alhambra is ticketed there are parts that don’t require you to pay. The landmark is open to explore and you can wander around other free bits including smaller palaces and gardens that are just as rich in history but perhaps not as impressive as the Palacios Nazaries.


My last tip, if you are visiting Granada outside of summer, bring a jumper or jacket. As much as we wish it would feel sunny and warm all day long, it isn’t going to be that way. When the sun tucks in, it’s gets cold and if you are walking around the city at night, you will get cold. Bring a jumper or fashionable something to add warmth, you won’t regret it.

Those are my tips for visiting the Alhambra. Make sure you stay tuned for a short video showing you some bits of the Alhambra and the city of Granada (which looks remarkably like Marrakech in some ways).

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