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Greenwich Is Your Place For Free In London

Free is why you want to visit but the atmosphere is why you should stay.

As a girl traveling solo in London, Greenwich is a breath of fresh air. It’s calm and sitting along the Thames, the neighborhood has a charming feel with a strong theme of British maritime history running through it. You can find the Prime Meridian here, the Maritime museum, Cutty Sark and a few other landmarks to explore.

I spent a total of £43 this day. You may ask yourself, how is Greenwich free then? Well there were plenty of free options to see in the area but I bought lunch, coffee, candy and a ticket to the Royal Observatory. Those things pushed me over but it was totally doable to spend £6 or even nothing.


Stop by and take photos of the famous cutty sark while taking in views of the river thames. It’s also great open space to eat lunch on a nice day or sip on your coffee. Keep it free by just looking at the outside but if you want to spend money, you can get on the ship. I think you can get most of it’s magnificence from the outside though.


You can take a walk down the isle of dogs to the park across the river thames. This foot tunnel is 50 ft under the river and was constructed in 1902. It’s a fun activity to do, especially on a rainy day in Greenwich.


Walking to the Royal Observatory is free but going inside is not. This is where I spent a great deal of my money. You can’t actually step on the prime meridian line without paying but you can certainly see it for free. Wander around the massive park and hike up the hill where you can take in beautiful views of London. The cityscape looks so pretty and best of all it’s free.


When you’re done here, you can go to the maritime museum that is huge, free and has free wifi.


Get lost in the museum finding out about Britain’s maritime history and see the various exhibits detailing different types of boats used, it’s involvement in the slave trade, goods transported and more. If you need a break, take a seat in a rest area and hop on the WiFi to post to Instagram.


The last free thing you can do, head over to Greenwich market. You can look at all the cool antiques, thrifted items, handmade trinkets and cuisine from around the world.

If you find yourself traveling in London, go to Greenwich – it’s cute, calm and has  lots of free things to occupy your time.

The full video on Greenwich to see a glimpse of the city yourself can be found in one of my previous posts here.

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