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Unknown Facts About Camden Town

Aside from stopping Amy Winehouse from going to rehab, what else is Camden about?

Most people think of Camden when they think about the modern music scene in London. It’s one of the places Amy Winehouse is famous for. It boasts a grungy punk vibe but it’s also super colorful and filled with A LOT of food and handmade goods. But would you have known that without visiting? I’m sharing some unknown bits about Camden (or surprising facts I wish I knew before I got there). It my help you better plan your visit.


The streets are alive with color and unique designs.

As soon as you step off the tube at Camden Town and head towards the market, you’ll see the buildings come alive! There’s one building especially vibrant (at least to me), it’s an office space that has a “green plant” wall and the bottom half colored to look like a rainbow. It’s gorgeous.  There are also tattoo parlors and shoe shops that are painted bright yellow, blue, purple and more with big sculptures adhered to the front of the buildings. You’ll find dragoons, big shoes and other random items. So much color.



You should also know that Camden Market is wired. Free WiFi! Why am I excited? Free WiFi was harder to come by in London than it is right now. I mean, I still find it hard but they’ve really stepped it up. Especially in Camden. Go to your settings and connect to the Camden Market WiFi by filling out a brief online survey. After agreeing to terms, you can literally Instagram, Livestream or look up restaurant reviews.


This is important while traveling because sometimes you may have little or no coverage. In the market, you can work out of one of the coffee shops or sit outside on a nice day at an open table and stream bits. And no matter where you go in the market, the WiFi works. I loved this when I stopped at PanBam and had a rose chai latte.


I found a life size Amy Winehouse!

This one is a small unknown fact, at least to me. There is an Amy Winehouse statue! I walked by it once and completely missed it but on my second pass, I just caught it. It’s about 5 ft tall and had colorful flowers and pieces styled on the statue (I think a fan did that). But it was super cute. Definitely worth seeing, it only requires you to walk further into the market.


There’s also a lot of food as mentioned earlier. Don’t waste your time getting lunch before going there (like I did). Instead, go to the market a get a slice of pizza, asian cuisine, fish and chips from Poppies and so much more. Prices vary so you can spend as much as you want for whatever you have a taste for. The desserts in the area are also vast – vegan donuts, hearty cupcakes, ice cream, waffles with sweet sauces – so much!



One last surprising fact – Camden Town has so many fake designer items. There are lots of little shops lining the streets selling fake Chanel, Gucci, Prada and whoever bags. They look cute but boy, I did not expect to be surrounded by so many fakes.

All in all, Camden Town was a great time. I spent a total of £30 pounds that day in the market. 10 for transportation, 10 for some cool sunglasses and the rest on a mini cupcake, a chai rose tea and a sandwich from Waitrose. For a closer look at the neighborhood, you should see my video now. See here.

What do you think of Camden Town? Worth visiting or is it a pass? If you have any questions or think I left out an unknown, let me know below!

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