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Why You Should Visit Shoreditch

Now is the time to visit Shoreditch because you want to get in before it's oh so hipster.

Truth. Shoreditch is already oh so hipster but it’s still worth seeing before it moves beyond hipster. Why? It’s the cool part of London that I think of when I think diverse food, brunch and clubs. It’s affordable in that hipster way and trendy AF. It’s only a matter of time before some hipster parents overthrow the area into a new Mayfair.

One highlight to see is the Box Park. Right on the high street, this is a genius way to bring  new restaurants and clothing stores into a neighborhood. The ultimate way to test run what will work, you can head over here to grab a chicken burger lunch, a pint or an Instagrammable bubble wrap dessert at one of the many pop up spaces here.


Another reason to come down to these parts? Vintage threads! You will find both chain and one off thrift stores in this area. Shop with a budget of £15 or £75 to find designer clothing that no one else will be wearing. There’s a way to be unique and update your wardrobe without spending all of your paycheck in one go. If you don’t want to buy, you can simply browse and be inspired by the colors and ways in which you can wear pieces you already own by seeing how they are styled in this neighborhood.


What else is there? The art scene. Graffiti is king on these streets. Every street corner is covered in new tags that speak to a political movement, adored character or the sentiment of the weeks. It’s inspiring. It’s mesmerizing. Some is amateur but you will always be pleasantly surprised by what you find.


Food is another reason to visit. Lebanese, vegan, American, Jamaican, it’s all there. Stop by Beigel’s bagels for as close to a NYC bagel as you can get (so they say). Grab a vegan burger at one of the stalls to the left of the train station. Eat Australian healthy brekkies at The Attendant. Head to the Cereal Killer cafe to indulge in American cereal concoctions. There are so many ways to please your tastebuds in Shoreditch.


Other fun areas nearby to see include Spitafields market. Another foodies dream, there are loads of vendors and restaurants in the space as well as designer shops. Get beauty products and also find a relaxed space to grab lunch.


There are so many wonderful things about this area that you have to visit. The famous Brick Lane and everything I mentioned above are completely worth it.

See my video on Shoreditch to get a better sense of the colorful chaotic vibe of the neighborhood. Are you adding this neighborhood to your London list?

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