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Flying Etiquette

That girl who pushes her seat way back. I mean way way back. Don't be that person.

Recently, I was on a British Airways flight to London from New Jersey and I was faced with the worst flying neighbor. Well, not the worst but a true pain in my behind.

I think there are certain rules you can follow to avoid being someone who needs to be put into the cargo hold but too often, simpletons forget. I’m here to remind you of some quick yet very easy tips to make sure you make your flying experience (and everyone else’s) a bit more enjoyable.


Don’t be a douche, keep your seat tilt to a minimum.

Mind Your Seat

We all pay for our seats on the plane, or your mommy does, so don’t go thinking you own the joint and push your seat back to it’s full horizontal rotation. I understand needing to tilt your seat back or resting to ensure comfort but when someone is behind you, don’t go full blast. It’s fine to do so if the seat is empty but not in any other case. How do you expect me to eat my food on a long haul flight when I can barely get my tray in front of me. It’s just rude and you’re likely to have me passive aggressively pushing my knees into your backside after multiple attempts of telling you that your seat is back too far.


Stay In Your Lane

We all hate lines. I get it. It stinks to stand around but what stinks more is when people clearly cut in front of you when you’ve been patiently waiting your turn. Airports can be full of joy but they can also be misery to a person who cuts in front of you when checking in or picking up your bag from the carousel.

This Seat’s Taken

You’ve made it to the gate after security, check in and a pit stop to the bathroom but now you have no place to sit. This often can happen because someone is taking up a chair with their bag, food or even a gadget. If you see your gate is crowded, don’t be a pain in the butt and take up three seats. Remove your bag so everyone else can have a chance to sit in silence.

Why are you yelling ma dude?

Soft Voices

Again, airports can be exciting but please don’t shout. You’re free to have a conversation or call your loved ones but screaming at the top of your lungs or talking extremely loud for no good reason, unacceptable. Some people can be nervous flyers and just want a bit of chill before boarding.

Sweet Smells

Perfume and cologne is nice but not to the person who has to smell it on your flight. Our noses are all different and what one perceives as delicious can be totally rank to the next person (or set them off on a sneezing frenzy). Keep the scents to a minimum if possible.


So those are my thoughts. What other flying manners did I miss? Am I being too harsh? Let me know in the comments some simple flying etiquette.



  1. I totally agree with you on all of these, especially about putting your seat back all the way. If someone is going put their seat back all the way they should at a minimum refrain from doing it at meal time, and they should confirm that you do not have a laptop open on the tray table.

    I wrote a post last spring about 11 things that people should not do on airplanes that I have in fact seen done if you are interested.

    As passengers we really can not and should not stoop to the level of the airlines which, at least in the United States, seem to be making a concerted effort to dehumanize us through their practices.

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