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Romantic Mood Travel Boards

Let's get all romantical. Discover some new Valentine's Day destinations.

In honor of Valentine’s Day (it’s a silly holiday but one that exists), I put together some fun mood boards from my past romantic holidays. Sicily, Dominican Republic and Spain offer beautiful views and exquisite views without spending a tone of money. I’d recommend any of these locations to couples or besties looking for a fun, love filled holiday.

love Samana

Key Samana Takeaways: 

  • Airbnb One Coco Hill is sooooo worth it!
  • Drink out of a coconut because you’re in the Caribbean.
  • Visit the waterfall and swim in it because it’s not everyday you swim in one.
  • Stroll to Playa Rincon!

love Tenerife

Key Tenerife Takeaways: 

  • Get a car, you’ll need it to truly explore the island.
  • Go to a guinche, local food for dirt cheap.
  • Always say yes to pastries.
  • Find a beach and indulge in the sun!

love Cefalu

Key Cefalu Takeaways: 

  • You always say yes to pasta!
  • Dinner is served late and no real lunch options after 1 so you better eat a big breakfast.
  • Go to Castelbueno.
  • Wander along the streets and take in the culture and a gelato!

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