Booking Cheap Flights Across The World

Nothing feels better than a flight some place exciting. Well, maybe a flight some place exciting and a load of savings. Find out how to get some awesome deals!

I’m itching to plan my next vacation. Perhaps Portugal, Peru or Chile? As you can tell the theme is some place warm with a bit of Spanish flair. But I want to fly there cheap, super cheap! How do I get the biggest bang for my buck?

I research and use these key websites for planning my travel. Keep in mind though, sometimes the cheapest flights aren’t to the destinations you initially wanted to go to. Some times the deal is too good to pass up and you have to move your travel list around. However if you plan early enough and take in to account the “off season” of a certain location, you will find that your hard earned cash will go a long way.

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Finding a cheap as heck flight is easy. I love love Hipmunk. I go here first whenever I’m booking a trip anywhere. I get flight comparisons and you can see how you can get where you want broken down by price, travel time, multiple stops, etc. On my last trip, I went to Marrakech via London from NYC. I ended up in Business Class for the first leg of my trip and boy was it glorious (post to come)! It was beyond my wildest dreams but the price of that ticket would have cost me $3800 at least. I’m not saying Hipmunk booked me in Business Class (I’ll never forget you Business Class) but through my booking I was randomly placed there. Yay me! Why do children get to fly so bougie, just why? This a great place to start when looking for cheap flights.

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With Skyscanner, I find it best to book flights when you are abroad but it’s another great flight aggregator website. No idea where you want to go but feeling as if the walls are closing in around you and you need to get out? You can head over to the site and just hit the search button. It looks for cheap flights anywhere in the world and offers some great ideas on where you could go on your next adventure. My boyfriend uses this all the time and gets cheap flights to NYC from London. I’ve also used it a few times myself to go to Greece and Spain.

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My friend put me onto this one. Scott’s Cheap Flights is a newsletter you can sign up for that sends alerts for amazingly cheap flights as soon as Scott get’s his insider tips. You can sign up for the free newsletter but he also has a paid subscription model where the insider deals are even better. Text message alerts, more flights, choose your departure airport, first to know about the deals amongst all the free subscribers, etc. This really has amazing deals but the catch – you need to act fast. So if you see something, buy it. This is for the person who has no reservations when booking a trip. Do it and enjoy your travels.

Those are really my top sources for flights. Some honorable mentions, Google Flights.  I haven’t booked a flight through this site yet but I have gone here to price compare. Scott (from Scott’s Cheap Flights) has a lot of cheap offers through Google but you have to catch them the minute they are up. I have found some really nice or comparable prices though so it’s worth checking out. I’d also recommend Expedia as source. There have been some really good deals that I’ve booked. I once caught a flight to London for $500 which was pretty decent.

My only last tips, Tuesdays usually have dips in flight prices. I don’t know why but I have noticed that flights have been cheaper when I’ve looked on that day compared to a Friday.  Try to book in advance. The earlier you book, the more likely you’ll get a great deal for the trip of your dreams. And take your time! Unless you need to be some place tomorrow, it’s ok to monitor the flight prices for a week or a few days to get the best price you can.

Do you have other ways to save money booking flights across the world? Standby tricks? Other cool websites? Let me know!

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