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6 Hours In Bath

You have 6 hours in Bath. It's likely that it will be gray outside. What do you do?

As part of my 6 months in the UK this Spring/Summer, I made sure I did the most and traveled. One destination that I wanted to check out was Bath.


I went to Manchester and Cornwall the year before as I know there is more to the UK than just Edinburgh or London. I wanted to see more of the United Kingdom and Bath was on the list because of it’s rich history.

Bath is located in the rolling country side of southwest England, in Somerset. It’s known for the Roman Baths, the abbey and being the home of Jane Austen. I never read too much Jane Austen but I know the name and her work (Bridget Jones is a modern day Pride and Prejudice). So we started off our short day trip to Bath by walking through the city, looking at all the shops and scouting a place to get food.


I admit that before we found a place to eat and we took this picture, I was severely feeling the affects of being hangry. Don’t get me wrong, I was totally enjoying the cool stroll through the city, stumbling across a beautiful hilly park where we ran into a kid’s playground and got on the seesaw (or teeter totter) but then my huger was calling and we wanted to find a non-touristy spot.

We avoided this bagel spot in the center of town as the prices were kind of ridic but we found a cafe with great sandwiches for a decent price.

What else did we do, we went to the Roman Bath House. The ticket prices are kind of high for entry but it was to be expected. We still paid and on the upside, they give you free audio guides. There’s that bonus.

The house itself is quite big. You can wander the house listening to highlights about how the Romans would come to the Bath House to purify themselves. The water was suppose to have healing powers so with that in mind, we dipped our hands in the water.


Fun fact – the water in the Bath House has now shown traces of meningitis but we were told this after we put our hands in the water. Needless to say, we found the nearest bathroom and made sure we didn’t touch our mouths or any open wounds with our infected hands. There should really be a sign because other people put their hands in the water. I guess they use the museum attendants as the after the fact precaution.

When we were done touring, we went to the gift shop where I grabbed some Roman coin replicas and then made our way to the Jane Austen centre and the fashion museum. Wonderfully girly for the boy. He still enjoyed himself though as we often find ourselves mostly walking the cities we choose to pop in for hours on end.

Before heading out of town, we grabbed some cake and then jumped in our car back to South London. Bath is beautiful – I highly recommend, if even for a quick day trip. The city is also pretty small so you can do a lot of it within the 6 hours you might have.

Do you think the Roman Baths should post signs about meningitis? Let me know! lol

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