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Small Medieval Village in Castelbuono

Medieval Villages can be awesome. Touching the old stone work and imagining what was there years ago, excites me. That's what happened in Sicily and more specifically, Castelbuono.

Headed to Sicily, I was obsessed with seeing old medieval architecture and eating all the food (pasta, arancini, gelato, etc). So while staying in Cefalu during the first part of our 2 week adventure, we ventured to Castelbuono, a city near Palermo.


The village of Castelbuono is gorgeous. When you first arrive, there are large empty lots near the city where you can park your car for free (can you say a frugal spender’s dream)! It does seem sketchy but it is indeed safe and free – plenty of other tourists park there and I never heard of any problems.



If you see this old looking structure that is kind of in a unique park, you’ve found the parking spot.

We immediately started our walk around the city with a pop in at this weird park, eating our homemade sandwich. You need energy when walking around for long periods of time and eating your own homemade sandwiches with tasty, fresh ingredients from Sicily isn’t a fail.

Once we ate, we went into the village and explored the castle.


We didn’t go inside but we captured lots of photos of the outside (and touched it). It was magnificent. Felt like old stones and I got a vivid memory of old timey people.


After that, we toured the village where we came to the main square that was full of shops and beautiful colors. There was some sort of early Easter celebrations going on as Sicily is majorly Catholic but it was quite cool to see and here the music.

To end our trip, we spent it getting lost. Our original plan was to walk around the town for a bit and then make our way to a little hiking path nearby but we never found it. We ultimately exhausted ourselves, looking for the path and getting lost in the medieval magic that was Castelbuono. I loved getting lost there.

Would you get lost here?

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