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The Best Caribbean Food In East Croydon

Eat mouth watering Caribbean food and down sweet island drinks in East Croydon.

So, I may not be an expert on Jamaican food but I’ve had a good deal of it due to my family. Oxtails, sweet plantains and rice and peas are my go-to meal of choice but I’ve been able to expand my palette with trips to South London, or more specifically, East Croydon’s The Dutchie.

Nestled next to a Nando’s and VUE cinemas, The Dutchie is a bar and restaurant with an authentic Caribbean vibe. You are greeted by servers who can sit you at a table or just supply you fresh yet deliciously sweet drinks. It’s always happy hour there so grab 2 for 1 cocktails or go for a large drink at £8.95 that is poured with a heavy hand. My personal favorites are the Fruity Rum Punch or the Paradise.

For food, everything on the menu is pretty tasty but I have yet to eat my way through it. I’m sort of a “love it so much, I’m afraid to pick something new because it may not be as good as my first dish” sort of girl. I often opt for the Oxtail Dish but I have tried the Chicken Roti and Jerk Chicken dish as my boyfriend is a bit more adventurous and it means I get to try some of his (though I have had jerk chicken and roti before, just not as meal here).

We also love sides. The Festi Balls are fantastic. They are like fried spicy little balls of sweet dough. They come with an excellent dipping sauce so dip. I try not to do sauces because of added calories (sorry I do that but that’s only because I always get dessert) but this is NICE. We’ve also had the fried squid which is basically spicy calamari. Again, amazing!

If you don’t like spice, you can choose from other sides like plantains, mac and cheese, sweet potato fries and more. They also have items on the menu like burgers and a few tamer options but be warned, Caribbean food is known for spices so you should really be willing to give that a try before you request the burger.

All in all The Dutchie is a fantastic spot to visit if you’re in East Croydon. You get ample food at a good price and you’re right next to the movies or just a few steps away from Box Park Croydon for a tasty post dinner snack!


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